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The Absolute Tone : The Secret of Stradivari Solomon Budnik
Acoustic and Elastic Wave Fields in Geophysics, Part I A.A. Kaufman, A.L. Levshin
Acoustic and Elastic Wave Scattering Using Boundary Elements J. J. Do Rego Silva
Acoustic and Electromagnetic Scattering Analysis: Using Discrete Sources Adrian Doicu, Yuri A. Eremin, Thomas Wriedt
Acoustic and Electromagnetic Waves Douglas Samuel Jones.
Acoustic Bubble Timothy G. Leighton(Editor)
Acoustic Communication (Communication and Information Science) Barry Truax
Acoustic Control of Turbulent Jets A. S. Ginevsky, Y.V. Vlasov and R. K. Karavosov
Acoustic design Duncan Templeton.
Acoustic Design (Architectural Press Library of Design and Detailing) Duncan Templeton, David Saunders.
Acoustic Emission James R. Matthews(Editor)
Acoustic Emission - Beyond the Millenium T. Kishi, M. Ohtsu, S. Yuyama (Editors)
Acoustic Emission : Standards and Technology Update (Astm Special Technical Publication, 1353.) Sotirios J. Vahaviolos(Editor)
Acoustic Fields and Waves in Solids Bertram Alexander Auld
Acoustic instrumentation and characterization of lung tissue Theodore L. Rhyne
Acoustic Interactions With Submerged Elastic Structures (Series on Stability, Vibration and Control of Structures , Vol 1) D.J. Inman(Editor), et al.
Acoustic Microscopy (Monographs on the Physics and Chemistry of Materials, Vol. 47) Andrew Briggs
Acoustic Musician's Guide to Sound Reinforcement and Live Recordings, The Mike Sokol(Illustrator), et al.
Acoustic Neuroma Leonard I. Malis
Acoustic of Layered Media I : Plane and Quasi-Plane Waves Springer Series on Wave Phenomena, Vol 5) L. M. Brekhovskikh, O.A. Godin
Acoustic Resonance Scattering Herbert Uberall(Editor)
Acoustic Sensing and Probing : Fourth Course of the International School on Physical Acoustics, 3-10 October 1991, Erice, Italy A. Alippi, A. Petri(Editor)
Acoustic Signal Processing for Ocean Exploration (NATO Asi Series. Series C : Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Vol 388) Jose M. F. Moura, Isabel M.G. Lourtie(Editor)
Acoustic Signal Processing for Telecommunication (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, Secs 551) Steven L. Gay(Editor), Jacob Benesty(Editor)
Acoustic Systems in Biology Neville H. Fletcher, Fletcher H. Fletcher
Acoustic Transducers : Benchmark Papers in Acoustics Ivor Groves
Acoustic Waveguides : Applications to Oceanic Science C. Allan Boyles
Acoustic Wave Sensors : Theory, Design, and Physico-Chemical Applications (Applications of Modern Acoustics Series) David Stephen Ballantine Jr., Richard M. White, Stephen J. Martin, Antonio J. Ricco, Greg C. Frye, Edward T. Zellers, Hank Wohltijen (Editors)
The Acoustic World of Early Modern England: Attending to the O-Factor Bruce R. Smith
Acoustical Aspects of Woodwind Instruments Cornelis Johannes Nederveen
Acoustical Design of Concert Halls and Theatres : A Personal Account Vilhelm Jordan
coustical Design of Music Education Facilities McCue, E., & Talaske, R.
Acoustical Designing in Architecture V. Knudsen, C. Harris
The Acoustical Foundations of Music John Backus
Acoustical Imaging Eric A. Ash, C.R. Hill
Acoustical Imaging M. Kaveh, et al.
Acoustical Imaging L. F. Van Der Wal(Editor)
Acoustical Imaging (Vol 22) Piero Tortoli(Editor), Leonardo Masotti(Editor)
Acoustical Imaging (Vol 23) Sidney Lees(Editor), Leonard A. Ferrari(Editor)
Acoustical Measurements Leo L. Beranek
Acoustical Oceanography : Principles and Applications (Ocean Engineering, a Wiley Series) Clarence Samuel Clay, H. Medwin
Acoustics Leo L. Beranek
Acoustics W. W. Seto
Acoustics Brian John Smith
Acoustics 1974 : the invited lectures presented at the eighth International Congress on Acoustics, London, 1974 -
Acoustics: Architecture-Engineering-The Environment Salter, Charles M. & Associates, Inc.
Acoustics : An Introduction to Its Physical Principles and Applications Allan D. Pierce
Acoustics: historical and philosophical development Robert Bruce Lindsay
Acoustics - Architecture, Engineering, the Environment Inc. Charles M. Salter Associates
Acoustics : Waves and Oscillations S. N. Sen
Acoustics : Basic Physics, Theory and Methods P. Filippi (Editor), et al.
Acoustics and Electroacoustics (Artech House Acoustics Library) Mario Rossi, Patrick Rupert Windsor Roe
Acoustics and Noise Control Brian John Smith, et al.
Acoustics and Noise Control B. J. Smith, et al.
Acoustics and Noise Control Handbook for Architects and Builders Leland K. Irvine, Roy L. Richards
Acoustics and Performance of Music Jurgen Meyer
Acoustics and Psychoacoustics (Music Technology Series) David M. Howard, James Angus(Contributor)
Acoustics and Sound Systems in Schools Frederick S. Berg
Acoustics and the Built Environment Es A. Lawrence
Acoustics and the sea-bed : conference proceedings -
Acoustics and vibration progress R. W. B. Stephens
Acoustics Dictionary : Quadrilingual--English, German, French, Dutch Walter Reichardt(Editor)
Acoustics for Audiologists Peter Haughton
Acoustics for Audiologists (Singular Audiology Text,) Edgar Villchur
Acoustics for Liturgy : A Collection of Articles of the Hymn Society in the U.S. and Canada (Meeting House Essays, No. 2) E. A. Sovik
Acoustics for the Architect Harold Burris-Meyer
Acoustics for You James H. Prout, Gordon R. Bienvenue
Acoustics in architectural design : projects and trends, 1981-1987 Dale E. Casper
Acoustics in buildings Bernard Gr鈋hant
Acoustics in educational buildings -
Acoustics in Moving Inhomogeneous Media Vladimir E. Ostashev
Acoustics in the Built Environment Duncan Templeton(Editor), et al.
Acoustics in the Built Environment : Advice for the Design Team by Duncan Templeton(Editor)
Acoustics in the Worship Space Scott R. Reidel
Acoustics of American English Speech : A Dynamic Approach Joseph P. Olive, Alice Greenwood, and John Coleman
Acoustics of Auditoriums in Public Buildings Leonid I. Makrinenko, R.S. Ratner(Translator)
Acoustics of Bells Thomas D. Rossing(Editor)
The Acoustics of Crime : The New Science of Forensic Phonetics (Applied Psycholinguistics and Communication Disorders) Harry Francis Hollien
Acoustics of Ducts and Mufflers With Application to Exhaust and Ventilation System Design M. L. Munjal
Acoustics of Fluid-Structure Interactions (Cambridge Monographs on Mechanics) M. S. Howe
Acoustics of Layered Media I : Plane and Quasi-Plane Waves (Springer Series on Wave Phenomena, 5) L. M. Brekhovskikh, O. A. Godin
Acoustics of Layered Media II : Point Source and Bounded Beams (Springer Series on Wave Phenomena, 10) L. M. Brekhovskikh, O. A. Godin
Acoustics Of Music (Music Book Index) Wilmer Tillett Bartholomew
Acoustics of Porous Media Thierry Bourbie, et al.
Acoustics of Solids Abraham I. Beltzer
Acoustics of Speech Communication, The Fundamentals: Speech, Perception Theory, and Technology J. M. Pickett
Acoustics of studios and auditoria V. S. Man ovski鎖
The acoustics of the aeolian harp : supplement to volumes 1-3 Stephen Bonner
The acoustics of the recorder John Martin
Acoustics of Wood Voichita Bucur
Acoustics of Worship Spaces David Lubman, E. Wetherill (Editors)
Acoustics projects, 1975-77 Fergus Fricke
Acoustics Source Book (McGraw-Hill Science and Reference Series) Sybil P. Parker(Editor)
Acoustics, Elasticity, and Thermodynamics of Porous Media : Twenty-One Papers M. A. Biot, Ivan Tolstoy(Editor)
Acoustics, noise, and buildings Peter Hubert Parkin
Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), 1998 IEEE International Conference IEEE
Acoustics, waves and oscillations S. N. Sen
Acousto-Optic Correlators and Spectrum Analyzers : New Techniques for Signal Processing Yu, V. Egorov, et al.
Acousto-Optic Devices : Principles, Design and Applications (Wiley Series in Pure and Applied Optics) Jeiping Xu, Robert Stroud(Contributor)
Acousto-optic Signal Processing Norman J. Berg(Editor), John M. Pellegrino(Editor)
Acousto-Optic Signal Processing : Theory and Implementation (Optical Engineering, V. 2) Norman J. Berg(Editor)
Acousto-optics Adrian Korpel
Active Control of Noise and Vibration Colin H. Hansen and Scott D. Snyder
Active Control of Sound P. A. Nelson, Stephanie Nelson, S. J. Elliott
Active Control of Vibration C.R. Fuller, S.J. Elliott, P.A. Nelson (Editors)
Active Noise Control (2-volume set) G. Rosenhouse
Active Noise Control Systems : Algorithms and DSP Implementations Sen M. Kuo, Dennis R. Morgan
Active Noise Control : Fundamentals for Acoustic Design G. Rosenhouse
Active Noise Control: Technologies and Design Concepts in Active Noise and Vibration Control G. Rosenhouse
Active Noise Control Primer Scott D. Snyder
Active Noise Suppression G. Rosenhouse
Adaptive 3d Sound Systems (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, Secs 566) John Garas
Adaptive Methods in Underwater Acoustics (NATO Advanced Science Institutes Series C: Math & Physical Sciences, Vol 151) by Heinz G. Urban(Editor)
Adaptive Signal Models : Theory, Algorithms, and Audio Applications Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, Secs 467) Michael M. Goodwin
Adaptive Structures : Dynamics and Control Robert L. Clark, William R. Saunders, Gary P. Gibbs, Robert J. Clark
Adaptive System Identification and Signal Processing Algorithms (Prentice Hall International Series in Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing) N. Kalouptsidis, S. Theodoridis(Editor)
Advanced Audio Production Techniques Ty Ford
Advanced Materials for Vibro-Acoustic Application -
Advances in Acoustics Technology J. M. Martin Hernandez(Editor), European
Advances in Fluid Structure Interaction G.C. Everstine
Advances in Nonlinear Acoustics : Bergen, Norway 28 June-2 July 1993 by Norway) International Symposium on Nonlinear Acoustics 1993 Bergen. -
Aero-And Hydro-Acoustics : Iutam Symposium Ecole Centrale De Lyon 3-6 July, 1985 G. Comte-Bellot, J.E. Ffowcs Williams(Editor)
Aeroacoustics : Fan Noise and Control : Duct Acoustics : Rotor Noise Paas44 Ira R. Schwartz, Warren C. Strahle(Editor)
Aeroacoustics : Jet and Combustion Noise : Duct Acoustics Paas37 Henry T. Nagamatsu, et al.
Aeroacoustics : technical papers from AIAA 2nd Aero-acoustics Conference, March 1975, subsequently revised for this volume -
Aeroacoustics of Flight Vehicles : Theory and Practice (Nasa Reference Publication ; 1258) (2 Volume Set) Harvey H. Hubbard
AIP Handbook of Condenser Microphones : Theory, Calibration, and Measurements (Aip Series in Modern Acoustics and Signal Processing) Tony F.W. Embleton(Editor), George S. K. Wong
Alexander Wood's The Physics of Music. Alexander Wood
Algorithms for Hvac Acoustics Douglas D. Reynolds, et al.
Ambiophonics : Beyond Surround Sound to Virtual Sonic Reality Ralph Glasgal, Keith Yates
The Analysis and Cognition of Basic Melodic Structures : The Implication-Realization Model Eugene Narmour
The Analysis and Cognition of Melodic Complexity : The Implication-Realization Model Eugene Narmour
Analysis Techniques in Acoustics/Nca Vol 7/H00565 H. Hsu.
Angular Distribution : Analysis in Acoustics (Lecture Notes in Engineering, Vol 17) S.M. Baxter, C.L. Morfey
Annual Book of Astm Standards, 1997 : Thermal Insulation; Environmental Acoustics (Vol 04.06) -
Annual Book of Astm Standards, 1988 : Construction : Thermal Insulation, Environmental Acoustics/Section 4, Vol 04.06/Pcn 01-040688-10 American Society for Testing and Materials
The Anthropology of Music A. P. Merriam
Application of Manufacturers' Sound Data Ebbing, C. & Blazier, W.
Applications of Digital Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics (The Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, Secs 437) Mark Kahrs(Editor), Karlheinz Brandenburg(Editor)
Applied Acoustics George Porges
Applied Seismic Wave Theory A.J. Berkhout
Apraxia of Speech : Physiology, Acoustics, Linguistics, Management John C. Rosenbek(Editor)
ARI Standard 885, Procedure for Estimating Occupied Space Sound Levels in the Application of Air Terminals and Air Outlets American Refrigeration Institute
ASHRAE, HVAC Applications Handbook -
Architectural Acoustics M. David Egan
Architectural Acoustics Thomas D. Northwood(Editor)
Architectural Acoustics Yoichi Ando, R. Beyer(Editor)
Architectural Acoustics James Cowan. Software
Architectural Acoustics : Blending Sound Sources, Sound Fields and Listeners Y. Ando
Architectural Acoustics : Functional Requirements Design & Technology 0850002336.
Architectural Acoustics: Principles and Design Madan Mehta, J. Johnson, J. Rocafort
Architectural Acoustics : Principles and Practice William J. Cavanaugh(Editor), Joseph A. Wilkes(Editor)
Architectural Acoustics Design Guide James P. Cowan(Editor)
Architecutral Acoustics CD-ROM James Cowan, Inc. Acentech
Architectural Acoustics Antia Lawrence
Architectural Interior Systems : Lighting, Acoustics, Air Conditioning John E. Flynn, et al.
The Architecture of Sound : Designing Places of Assembly Peter Lord, Duncan Tampleton
The Art of Listening Graham McGregor, R. S. White
The Art of Organ Building, Vols. 1 & 2 George Ashdown Audsley
The Art of Sound Reproduction John Watkinson
The Art of the Amplifier Michael Doyle
Aspects of signal processing with emphasis on underwater acoustics : proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute held at Portovenere, La Spezia, Italy, 30 August-11 September 1976 -
Audio Amplifier Projects R. A. Penfold
Audio and Hi-Fi Handbook Ian R. Sinclair(Editor)
Audio Control Handbook : For Radio and Television Broadcasting Robert S. Oringel
The Audio Dictionary by Glenn D. White
The Audio Dictionary Glenn D. White. CD-ROM
Audio Electronics John Linsley Hood
Audio Engineering Handbook Jerry Whitaker
Audio Engineer's Reference Book Michael Talbot-Smith(Editor), et al.
Audio Explained Michael Talbot-Smith
Audio for Television John Watkinson
Audio Hi-Fi Troubleshooting & Repair Nick Beer
Audio in Media (Wadsworth Series in Production) Stanley R. Alten
Audio Interfacing Franklin J. Miller
Audio Made Easy : (Or How to Be a Sound Engineer Without Really Trying) Ira White
Audio Power Amplifier Design Handbook Douglas Self
Audio quality; requirements for high quality audio equipment Gerard Slot.
Audio Systems Design and Installation Philip Giddings
Audio Systems Technology #2 - Handbook For Installers And Engineers NSCA
Audio Systems Technology, Level I Larry W. Garter, et al.
Audio Systems Technology Level III: Handbook For Installers and Engineers Bob Bushnell, et al.
The Audio Workstation Handbook Francis Rumsey
The Audiopro Home Recording Course Bill Gibson
Auditorium Acoustics : The Proceedings of an International Symposium on Architectural Acoustics, Held at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland Heriot-Watt univer International Symposium on Architectural Acoustics. -
Auditorium Acoustics and Architectural Design Michael Barron
Auditory and Hearing Prosthetics Research Larsen
Auditory Scene Analysis A. S. Bregman


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Back-To-Basics Audio Julian Nathan
Bases of Hearing Science J.D. Durrant, J.H. Lovrinic
Basic Acoustics Donald E. Hall
Basics of Video Sound Des Lyver
Bird Sounds Barry Kent MacKay
Bottom-interacting ocean acoustics -
Boundary Element Acoustics : Fundamentals and Computer Codes (Advances in Boundary Elements Vol 7) T.W. Wu(Editor)
The Boundary Element Method in Acoustics S. M. Kirkup
Boundary Element Methods in Acoustics R.D. Ciskowski, C.A. Brebbia
Boundary Element Starter Pack : For Fracture Mechanics and Crack Growth, Stress Analysis and Acoustics R. A. Adey(Compiler), et al.
Boundary Elements in Acoustics : Advances and Applications (Advances in Boundary Elements Vol 9) O. Von Estorff(Editor)
Boundary Elements Starter Pack for Acoustics -
Boundary Elements Starter Pack for Stress Analysis, Acoustics, and Fracture Mechanics -
Brass Bibliography : Sources on the History, Literature, Pedagogy, Performance, and Acoustics of Brass Instruments Mark J. Fasman
The British Violin: 400 Years of Violin Making in the British Isles Performance, and Acoustics of Brass Instruments British Violin Making Association
The British Violin: Historical Aspects of Violin and Bow Making in the British Isles British Violin Making Association
Broadcast Sound Technology Michael Talbot-Smith
Building Acoustics F. Day
Building techniques for improving architectural acoustics David Kent Ballast
Buildings for Music : The Architect, the Musician, and the Listener from the Seventeenth Century to the Present Day Michael Forsyth


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Cavitation and inhomogeneities in underwater acoustics : proceedings of the first international conference, G鑟ttingen, Fed. Rep. of Germany, July 9-11, 1979 -
Chaotic Motions in Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Wanda Szemplinska-Stupnicka, Gerard Iooss, Francis C. Moon
The Child's Conception of Language A. Sinclair, R. J. Jarvella, W. J. M. Levelt (Editors)
Clarinet Acoustics O. Lee Gibson
Classroom acoustics and auditory figure-ground discrimination Italia Boninelli
Classroom Acoustics for Normal and Hearing - Impaired Children Carl C., Ph.D. Crandell, et al.
Cochlear Implants: Fundamentals and Applications Graeme Clark
Collected Papers on Acoustics Wallace C. Sabine
Commutative Harmonic Analysis III V. P. Havin, N. K. Nikol'skij, B. Joerickem, V. P. Palamodov, R. Cooke (Editors)
The Complete Guide to High-End Audio Robert Harley, Keith Jarrett
The Complete Handbook of Public Address Sound Systems Frederick Alton Everest
Compression in Video and Audio John Watkinson
Computational Acoustics : Acoustic Propagation : Proceedings of the 3rd Imacs Symposium on Computational Acoustics, Cambridge, Ma, Usa, 26-28 June, 1 Ding Lee, et al.
Computational Acoustics : Ocean-Acoustic Models and Supercomputing : Proceedings of the 2nd Imacs Symposium on Computational Acoustics Princeton, Nj, Ding Lee, et al.
Computational acoustics : proceedings of the 1st IMACS Symposium on Computational Acoustics, New Haven, CT, USA, 6-8 August, 1986 -
Computational acoustics : proceedings of the 2nd IMACS Symposium on Computational Acoustics, Princeton, NJ, USA, 15-17 March, 1989 -
Computational Acoustics : Proceedings of the 3rd Imacs Symposium on Computational Acoustics, Cambridge, Ma, Usa, 26-28 June 1991 Richard L. Lau, et al.
Computational Acoustics : Scattering, Supercomputing and Propagation : Proceedings of the 3rd Imacs Symposium on Computational Acoustics, Cambridge, Richard L. Lau, et al.
Computational Acoustics : Wave Propagation, Algorithms and Applications Ding Lee, et al.
Computational Acoustics and Its Environmental Applications C. A. Brebbia(Editor)
Computational Acoustics and Its Environmental Applications II C. A. Brebbia(Editor), et al.
Computational Acoustics in Architecture (Advances in Architecture Volume 8) J. J. Sendra(Editor)
Computational Atmospheric Acoustics Erik M. Salomons
Computational Aero- & Hydro-Acoustics 1993 (Fed; Vol. 147) R. R. Mankbadi(Editor)
Computational Methods for Fluid/Structure Interaction S.K. Chakrabarti
Computational Methods for Fluid Structure Interaction J.M. Crolet, R. Ohayon (Ed)
Computational Methods for Fluid/Structure Interaction A.J. Kalinowski
Computational Ocean Acoustics (Aip Series in Modern Acoustics and Signal Processing) Finn B. Jensen(Editor), et al.
Computational Models of Speech Pattern Processing (NATO Asi Series. Series F, Computer and Systems Sciences, No. 169) K. M. Ponting(Editor), NATO Advanced Study Institute on Computational m.
Computational Ocean Acoustics (Aip Series in Modern Acoustics and Signal Processing) Finn B. Jensen(Editor), et al.
Computational Ocean Acoustics : The Invited Lectures from the Workshop Held at Yale University Martin H. Schultz, Ding Lee (Editors)
Computer Speech Manfred R. Schroeder
Computing Prosody Yoshinori Sagisaka, Nick Campbell, and Norio Higuchi
The Concept of Music Robin Maconie
Concepts in Architectural Acoustics M. David Egan
Concert and Opera Halls : How They Sound Leo Leroy Beranek
Concert Halls and Opera Houses: Music, Acoustics, and Architecture Leo Leroy Beranek
Concert Hall Acoustics Yoichi Ando
Concert Sound : Tours, Techniques & Technology (Mix Pro Audio) David Trubitt(Editor)
Concert Sound and Lighting Systems John Vasey
Contributions to psychological acoustics : results of the fourth Oldenburg Symposium on Psychological Acoustics -
Contributions to psychological acoustics : results of the seventh Oldenburg Symposium on Psychological Acoustics -
Controlling Radiated Emissions by Design M. Mardiguian
Course Notes and Workbook for Introduction to Sound : Acoustics for the Hearing and Speech Sciences Charles E., Ph.D. Speaks, et al.
The Cutting Edge of Audio Production and Audio Post-Production : Theory, Equipment and Techniques Mico Nelson


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Deaf Architects & Blind Acousticians? A Guide to the Principles of Sound Design R. Apfel
Design for Good Acoustics and Noise Control John Edwin Moore
Designing, Building, and Testing Your Own Speaker System : With Projects David B. Weems
Designing for Product Sound Quality (Mechanical Engineering, No 127) Richard H. Lyon
Designing Quiet Structures : A Sound Power Minimization Approach Gary H. Koopmann, John B. Fahnline
Detailing for Acoustics Peter Lord, Duncan Templeton
Detection of Signals in Noise Robert N. McDonough, A.D. Whalen
Developments in Acoustics and Ultrasonics : Proceedings of the Meeting Organized by the Iop Physical Acoustics Group, Leeds, Uk, 24-25 September 1991 M. J. W. Povey, D. J. McClements(Editor)
Dictionary of Acoustics Christopher Morfey (Editor)
Dictionary of Acoustics English璆erman/ German璄nglish Heinz Weissing
Dictionary of Hearing Michael C., Obe Martin(Editor), Ian R. Summers(Editor)
Dictionary of Music Production and Engineering Terminology Wayne Wadhams
Digital Audio CD - CD ONLY Markus Erne, CD-ROM
The Digital Audio CD Resource Pack Markus Erne. Audio CD
Digital Audio Dictionary Steve Albanese(Contributor), Colin MacQueen(Contributor)
Digital Audio Restoration : A Statistical Model Based Approach Simon J. Godsill, et al.
Digital Audio Signal Processing Udo Zolzer
Digital Image Processing (Prentice Hall International Series in Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing) Jan Teuber
Digital Sound Synthesis by Physical Modeling Using the Functional Transformation Method Lutz Trautmann and Rudolf Rabenstein
Digital Video and Audio Compression Stephen J. Solari
Directional Decomposition of Electromagnetic & Acoustic Wave-Fields : Applications in Integrated Optics, Exploration Seismics & Underwater Acoustics Mattheus J.N. Van Stralen
Dynamic Aspects of Language Processing Johannes Engelkamp, H. D. Zimmer
Dynamics of the Singing Voice Meribeth Bunch
Dynamics, Acoustics and Simulations : Presented at the 1998 Asme International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, November 15-20, 1998, a Ray P. S. Han(Editor), et al.
Dysarthrias : Physiology, Acoustics, Linguistics, Management Malcolm R. McNeil(Editor)


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Early Chinese Work in Natural Science: A Re-Examination of the Physics of Motion, Acoustics, Astronomy and Scientific Thought R. Chen
Ecology and Evolution of Acoustic Communication in Birds Ed. by Donald E. Kroodsma and Edward H. Miller
Elastic Waves in Solids 1 (Advanced Texts in Physics) Daniel Royer, Eugene Dieulesaint
Elastic Waves in Solids 2 : Generation, Acousto-Optic Interaction, Applications (Advanced Texts in Physics) Daniel Royer, Eugene Dieulesaint
Electric Guitar Amplifier Handbook Jack Darr
Electric Music : A Practical Manual John Jenkins
Electric music : a practical manual for musicians John Jenkins
Electro-acoustique Mario Rossi
Electroacoustic Analysis and Enhancement of Alaryngeal Speech Andrew Sekey
Electroacoustical Reference Data John M. Eargle
Electroacoustics; Microphones, Earphones and Loudspeakers M. L. Gayford
Electroacoustics Frederick V. Hunt
Electromagnetic and Acoustic Scattering: Detection and Inverse Problems C. Bourrely et al.
Electromagnetic and Acoustic Scattering by Simple Shapes J.J. Bowman, T.B.A. Senior
Electronic music production Alan Lockhart Monteith Douglas
Electronic Music Synthesis; Concepts, Facilities, Techniques Hubert S. Howe
The electronic musical instrument manual : a guide to theory and design Alan Lockhart Monteith Douglas
Elements of Acoustics Samuel, Temkin
Elsevier's Dictionary of Noise and Noise Control R. Serr?
Emotion and Meaning in Music L. B. Meyer
Encyclopedia of Acoustics Malcolm J. Crocker(Editor)
Encyclopedia of Vibration Simon G. Braun, David J. Ewins, and Singiresu S. Rao (Editors)
Engineering Acoustics: An Introduction to Noise Control Michael Möser
Engineering Acoustics and Noise Control Conrad J. Hemond
Engineering Applications of Acoustics John A. Kleppe
Engineering Data Compendium: Human Perception and Performance K. R. Boff and J. E. Lincoln
Engineering Noise Control David A. Bies, Colin H. Hansen
Engineering Noise Control: Theory and Practice David A. Bies, Colin H. Hansen
Engineering Principles of Acoustics : Noise and Vibration Control Douglas D. Reynolds. Environmental and Architectural Acoustics Z. Maekawa, P. Lord
Environmental Acoustics Leslie L. Doelle
European Conference on Underwater Acoustics (Publication No. Eur 14453 En of the Commission of the European Communities, Dissemination of Scientific) M. Weydert(Editor)
Experiencing of Musical Sound : Prelude to a Phenomenology of Music (Musicology Series Vol 1) F. Joseph Smith
Experimental Acoustic Inversion Methods for Exploration of the Shallow Water Environment Andrea Caiti(Editor), et al.
Experimental Sound and Radio Allen s Weiss(Editor)
Exploring Music : The Science and Technology of Tones and Tunes Charles Taylor


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Field Representations and Introduction to Scattering (Mechanics and Mathematical Methods) V.V. Varadan, et al.
Fine Pitch Surface Mount Technology : Quality, Design, and Manufacturing Techniques (Electrical Engineering) Philip P. Marcoux
Finite-amplitude wave effects in fluids : proceedings of the 1973 symposium, Copenhagen -
Finite Element Analysis of Acoustic Scattering F. Ihlenburg and G. Lloyd
Fisheries Acoustics D. N. MacLennan, E. John Simmonds
Fisheries Acoustics : A Practical Manual for Aquatic Biomass Estimation K. A. Johannesson, R. B. Mitson
Fluid Structure interaction; Applied Numerical Methods M. Morand
Fluid-Structure Interactions: Slender Structures and Axial Flow, Vol. 1 Michael P. Paidoussis
Fluid-Structure Interactions in Acoustics (CISM International Centre for Mechanical Sciences, Vol. 396) Dominique Habault(Editor)
Fm Theory and Applications : By Musicians for Musicians John, Dr. Chowning, David Bristow
Formulas of Acoustics F. P. Mechel
Foundations of Acoustics, Basic Mathematics & Basic Acoustics E.J. Skudrzyk
Foundations of Anisotropy for Exploration Seismics K. Helbig
Foundations of Engineering Acoustics Frank J. Fahy
Foundations of Modern Auditory Theory J. V. Tobias
Fourier Acoustics : Sound Radiation and Nearfield Acoustical Holography Earl G. Williams
Frontiers in Physical Acoustics (Enrico Fermi Intl Summer School in Physics, No 93) D. Sette(Editor)
Frontiers of Nonlinear Acoustics M. F. Hamilton, D.T. Blackstock(Editor)
Full Field Inversion Methods in Ocean and Seismo-Acoustics (Modern Approaches in Geophysics, Vol 12) O. Diachok
Function, construction, and quality of the guitar : papers given at a seminar organized by the Committee for the Acoustics of Music -
Fundamentals of Acoustic Field Theory and Space-Time Signal Processing Lawrence J. Ziomek
Fundamentals of Acoustic Signal Processing Mikio Tohyama, Tsunehiko Koike
Fundamentals of Acoustics Lawrence E. Kinsler(Editor), et al.
Fundamentals of Acoustical Oceanography (Applications of Modern Acoustics Series) Herman Medwin, Clarence Samuel Clay
Fundamentals of Digital Audio (Computer Music and Digital Audio Series, Vol 14) Alan P. Kefauver
Fundamentals of Musical Acoustics Arthur H. Benade
Fundamentals of Musical Acoustics Arthur H. Benade
Fundamentals of Marine Acoustics J. W. Caruthers
Fundamentals of Ocean Acoustics (Springer Series on Wave Phenomena, Vol 8) L.M. Brekhovskikh, Yu. P. Lysanov
Fundamentals of Ocean Acoustics : Springer Series in Electrophysics L.M. Brekhovskikh
Fundamentals of Noise and Vibration F. J. Fahy(Editor), J. G. Walker(Editor)
Fundamentals of Physical Acoustics David T. Blackstock


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Generalized Musical Intervals and Transformations David Lewin
Getting into Digital Recording : Digital Audio Basics, Operations, Applications Paul D. Lehrman, Paul D. Lebrman
Great Sound Stereo Speaker Manual David B. Weems, G. R. Koonce
A Guide to Musical Acoustics Harry. Lowery.
Guide to Sound Systems for Worship/290243 Jon F. Eiche(Editor


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Halls for Music Performance- Two Decades of Experience: 1962-1982 Talaske, R., Wetherill, E., Cavanaugh, W.
Handbook of Acoustical Measurements and Noise Control Harris, C. (Editor)
Handbook of Acoustics Malcolm J. Crocker(Editor)
Handbook of Architectural Acoustics Wayne V Montone
Handbook of Architectural Acoustics and Noise Control : A Manual for Architects and Engineers Michael Rettinger
Handbook of Audio Circuit Design Robert Gordon Middleton.
Handbook of Environmental Acoustics James P. Cowan
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Acoustic Book ListBack to Top
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Acoustic Book ListBack to Top
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A Practical Guide to Noise and Vibration Control for HVAC Systems Schaffer, M.
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Public Address Systems Vivian Capel, Vivan Capel


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Quantifying Music : The Science of Music at the First Stage of the Scientific Revolution, 1580-1650 H. F. Cohen
Quieting: A Practical Guide to Noise Control R.D. Berendt et al.


Acoustic Book ListBack to Top
Random Media and Boundaries Koichi Furutsu
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Room Acoustics Heinrich Kuttruff
Rubber-Band Banjos and a Java-Jive Bass : Projects and Activities on the Science of Music and Sound Alex Sabbeth, Laurel Aiello(Illustrator)


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The Sabines at Riverbank John W. Kopec
SAE Handbook: Materials, Fuels, Emissions and Noise/ Parts and Components/ On-Highway Vehicles and Off-Highway Machinery SAE
Scalar Wave Theory John A. DeSanto
The Science and Applications of Acoustics (Aip Series in Modern Acoustics and Signal Processing.) Daniel R. Raichel
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Soviet R&D in low-frequency underwater acoustics Dimitri Donskoy
Speaker Builders Loudspeaker Projects No 1 : 19 Top Quality Designs You Can Build Audio Amateur Mazagine Staff(Editor)
Spectral and Scattering Theory for Wave Propagation in Perturbed Stratified Media Ricardo Weder
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The Structure of Recognizable Diatonic Tunings Easley Blackwood
Studies of music performance : papers given at a seminar organized by the Music Acoustics Committee of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music -
Studio Acoustics Michael Rettinger
Subliminal Perception N. F. Dixon
Successful Sound System Operation F. Alton Everest
Suggested experiments for laboratory courses in acoustics and vibrations Vernon Martin Albers
Super Science Projects About Sound (Psyched for Science) Allan B. Cobb
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Surface Mount Technology with Fine Pitch Components - The manufacturing issues Hans Danielsson
Surface-Wave Devices for Signal Processing D.P. Morgan
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Synchronization : From Reel to Reel : A Complete Guide for the Synchronization of Audio, Film & Video Jeff Rona


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Techniques in Speech Acoustics (Text, Speech, and Language Technology, V. 8) Jonathan Harrington, Steve Cassidy
Telecommunications: An Interdisciplinary Survey Leonard Lewin(Editor)
A Textbook of Sound N. Subrahmanyam, Brij Lal
Theatres for Drama Performance : Recent Experiences in Acoustical Design Richard H. Talaske, Richard E. Boner(Editor)
Theoretical Acoustics Morse
Theoretical Acoustics Philip McCord, Morse, K. Uno Ingard(Contributor)
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Theory of Electroacoustics J. Merhaut
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Theory of Total Consonance Paul Rosberger
Theory of Wave Scattering from Random Rough Surfaces J. A. Ogilvy
Thermal Insulation, Environmental Acoustics (Construction , No 4.6) -
Thermal Insulation, Environmental Acoustics (Vol 04.06) -
Thermal Insulation; Environmental Acoustics (Annual Book of A S T M Standards. Volume 04.06, 2000) -
Thermal Insulation; Environmental Acoustics (Annual Book of A S T M Standards. Volume 04.06.) -
Thinking in Sound: The Cognitive Psychology of Human Audition S. McAdams, E. Bigand (Editors)
Tips : Improving Acoustics for Music Teaching Harold P. Geerdes
Tips : Improving Acoustics for Music Teaching Harold P. Geerdes
Tone: A Study in Musical Acoustics. Siegmund Levarie, Ernst Levy
Toward a New Music : Music and Electricity (Da Capo Press Music Reprint Series) Carlos Ch-Avez
A treatise on the construction, the history, and the practice of the flute : including a sketch of the elements of acoustics and critical notices of sixty celebrated flute-players Richard Shepherd Rockstro
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Troubleshooting Consumer Electronics Audio Circuits Homer L. Davidson
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Ultrasonic Absorption : An Introduction to the Theory of Sound Absorption and Dispersion in Gases, Liquids, and Solids A. B. Bhatia
Ultrasonic Instruments and Devices : Reference for Modern Instrumentation, Techniques, and Technology Emmanuel Papadakis (Editor)
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Underwater Acoustic Modeling : Principles, Techniques and Applications Paul C. Etter
Underwater Acoustic Systems Rodney F.W. Coates
Underwater Acoustic System Analysis (Prentice-Hall Signal Processing Series) William S. Burdic
Underwater acoustics Leon Camp
Underwater acoustics R. W. B. Stephens
Underwater Acoustics : A Linear Systems Theory Approach Lawrence Ziomek
Underwater Acoustics and Signal Processing : Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute Held at Kollekolle, Copenhagen, Denmark, August 18-29, 1 NATO Advanced Study Institute, L Bjorno
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Underwater sound Vernon Martin Albers
Unsolved Problems of Noise and Fluctuations : Upon'99 : Second International Conference : Adelaide, Australia 1999 (Aip Conference Proceedings, 511) Derek Abbott(Editor), Laszlo B. Kish(Editor)


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Vibrating Systems and Their Equivalent Circuits (Studies in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, No 40) Zdenek Skvor(Editor)
Vibration Control of Active Structures Andre Preumont
Vibration Isolation, Acoustics, and Damping in Mechanical Systems : Presented at the 1993 Asme Design Technical Conferences, 14th Biennial Conference) Conor D. Johnson(Editor), S. H. Sung(Editor)
Vibrations at Surfaces 1985 (Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis, No 26) D.A. King(Editor)
Vibrations and Waves S. Kaliski, L. Solarz (Editors)
The Vibroseis Source G. Baeten, A. Ziolkowski
Videofluoroscopic Studies of Speec in Patients with Cleft Palate M. Leon Skolnick and Ellen R. Cohn
Violin Acoustics : A New Look at the Old Art August F. Matthews
The Violin Explained : Components, Mechanism, and Sound James Beament
The Violin : Its Physical and Acoustic Principles Paolo Peterlongo
Vocal Fold Physiology : Biomechanics Acoustics and Phonatory Conference Proceedings Ingo R. Titze(Editor)
Vocal Fold Physiology Biomechanics Acoustics and Phonetory Control I. Titze, Scherer Editors


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Wave Interactions As a Seismo-Acoustic Source (Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences, 59) Alick C. Kibblewhite, Cheng Y. Wu.
Wave Phenomena Lui Lam, Hedley C. Morris
Wave Phenomena Dudley H. Towne
Wave Propagation in Elastic Solids J.D. Achenbach
Wave Propagation in Structures: Spectral Analysis Using Fast Discrete Fourier Transforms James F. Doyle
Wave Propagation and Underwater Acoustics (Lecture Notes in Physics Ser : Vol 70) J. Keller, J. Papadakis(Editor)
Wave Scattering from Rough Surfaces Alexander G. Voronovich
Wavefield Inversion ((CISM International Centre for Mechanical Sciences, Vol. 398) -
Waves and Oscillations N. Subrahmanyam, Brij Lal
Waves in Layered Media Leonid Maksimovich Brekhovskikh
What's a Synthesizer Emile Menasche, J. Eiche
What's a Synthesizer?: Simple Answers to Common Questions about the New Musical Technology Jon F. Eiche
Wind Turbine Noise Siegfried Wagner, Rainer Barei?, Gianfranco Guidati
Wood Effect : Unaccounted Contributor to Error Confusion in Acoustics and Audio R. C. Johnsen
The World of Musical Sound Roderick D. Gordon
Worship Space Acoustics : A Guide to Better Sound in Your Parish Harold P. Geerdes
Writing Aloud: The Sonics of Language Brandon Lebelle(Editor), et al.
3-D Sound for Virtual Reality and Multimedia D. R. Begault


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