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Material in Chinese language - 中文资料

R&D 系统手册 Klippel 中文资料 (Brochure of R&D System)

QC 系统手册 Klippel 中文资料 (Brochure of QC System)

扬声器生产线终端测试Klippel 中文资料 (Article: "End of Line Testing" by Wolfgang Klippel)

扬声器热传递非线性模型 Klippel 中文资料 (Paper: Nonlinear Modeling of the Heat Transfer in Loudspeakers by Wolfgang Klippel)

扬声器力学分布式参数Klippel 中文资料 (Paper: Distributed Mechanical Parameters Measurement by Wolfgang Klippel and Joachim Schlechter)

扬声器力学分布式参数 (Paper: Distributed Mechanical Parameters Diagnostics by Wolfgang Klippel and Joachim Schlechter)

KLIPPEL QC 系統演示視頻 (Demo videos of the QC System)

扬声器非线性特性 (Loudspeaker Nonlinearities)

KLIPPEL R&D系统用户手册 (仅部分可供参考)(User Manual of KLIPPEL R&D System (parts only))

KLIPPEL QC系统用户手册 (仅部分可供参考)(User Manual of KLIPPEL QC System)

中文演讲幻灯片 (Transparencies from Chinese presentations)


扬声器单元振动和声辐射的力学分布式参数  Klippel 中文资料
Distributed Mechanical Parameters, ISEAT 2009, by Wolfgang Klippel

線上直接檢驗音圈定位和其他影響良率的原因 Klippel 中文资料
Checking Voice Coil Position at the production line by Stefan Irrgang, 2008

如何规定扬声器系统的品质? Klippel 中文资料
How to specify Sound Quality of Loudspeaker Systems, ISEAT 2009, by Wolfgang Klippel

线上测试应用中仪器和人耳可以相比吗? Klippel 中文资料
Can an instrument compete with a human ear at end-of-line testing?

非线性的快速测量 Klippel 中文资料

Fast Measurement of Motor and Suspension Nonlinearities in Loudspeaker Manufacturing

使用简单工具设计带高输出的小扬声器 Klippel 中文资料
Using Simple Tools to Design Small Speakers with High Output by Stefan Irrgang, 2008

认识扬声器非线性及它的征兆 Klippel 中文资料
Understanding Loudspeaker Nonlinearities and their Symptoms by Wolfgang Klippel, 2007

与KLIPPEL一起学习扬声器的诊断 Klippel 中文资料
Learning Loudspeaker Diagnostics with KLIPPEL by Wolfgang Klippel, 2007

设计并生产小尺寸,大输出和高质量的扬声器 Klippel 中文资料
Designing and producing Loudspeakers With Small Size, Maximal Output And Good Quality by Wolfgang Klippel, 2007

扬声器振膜的振动和辐射分析 Klippel 中文资料
Vibration and Radiation Analysis of Loudspeaker Cones, by Wolfgang Klippel 2007

扬声器单元工作点与瞬间失真  Klippel 中文资料
Speaker Driver Operation Point and Instantaneous Distortion; Paper by Eric Chu / EAV

扬声器主观及客观分析 Klippel 中文资料
Transparencies master workshop 2006, by Neville Thiele, Wolfgang Klippel, Fergus Fricke
Objective and subjective assessment of loudspeakers

结合开发与线上测试 Klippel 中文资料
Connecting development and end-of-line in loudspeaker measurements, by Stefan Irrgang, 2006

工业标准ALMA活动(2007) Klippel 中文资料
ALMA Activities for Industrie Standards (2007)



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